Health care cardiovascular work out

This is an excuse busting workout. You don’t need any equipment at all, and it’s not even ten minutes long! All you need to do is grab some comfortable sportswear, turn on some music, and decide that the next ten minutes or so are dedicated to working up a good sweat.

Workout Structure
– 8 Bodyweight Cardio Intervals
– 45 Seconds On; 10 Seconds Active Rest
– No Equipment
– Warm Up & Cool Down not Included

Printable Workout

–    3:1 Switchfoot Repeaters
–    Squats + Front Kicks
–    3:1 High Knee Holds
–    Alternating Lunges + Rows
–    Switchfoot Mt Climbers
–    Fly Jacks
–    Burpee + Front Kicks
–    Pop Squats

There is no warm up or cool down in this particular workout video, which means that you will want to use our search function to find a quick warm up before you jump right in to this relatively demanding bodyweight cardio workout. You will also want to make sure that you do a quick cool down and stretch, instead of coming to an abrupt stop. Cooling down gradually and stretching the muscles you’ve just used is essential to staying healthy, active, and injury free.

How often can I do this workout?

If a cardio workout like this doesn’t leave you with sore muscles, you can do it 4-5 days out of the week. Bodyweight cardio like this – that involves heavily working large muscle groups, often in a near-plyometric style – might leave you sore the next day. If your muscles are letting you know that they’ve tried something new the day prior, you’re going to want to give yourself at least a 24 hour period of rest to allow those muscles to heal

Can you really lose weight with this workout?

The exercises in this routine are very effective at burning off body fat and extra calories. With that said, this workout video is only ten minutes long, and, it’s only one training type. Typically it takes more than ten minutes a day to see results from a workout (though any number minutes of exercise are way better than no minutes of exercise!) and, it’s best to incorporate multiple training styles.

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