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100% Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil Anti-wrinkle

100% Pure Tea Tree Oil Natural Essential Oil with Anti-fungal Antibacterial Benefits for Face, Skin, Hair Nails, Heal Acne Psoriasis Dandruff Piercings Cuts Bug Bites Multipurpose Surface Cleaner. Product Details High potency essential oil is a gentle purified detoxifying anti fungal antibacterial antiseptic & antimicrobial healing solution for a variety of hair skin & nail conditions. OIL relieve acne psoriasis anti dandruff prevent lice hair loss sore muscles nail fungus. Heals cuts scrapes bruises piercings & burns as it boosts immune system & promotes wellness. Undiluted tea tree oil to make your own shampoo conditioner body wash deodorant moisturizer soap aromatherapy massage oil and even a chemical free all-purpose cleaner for home. Freshly steam distilled from leaves for 100% pure plant therapy. The terpine-4 compound makes it great for skin care hair care and nail care for men and women.
  • Main ingredients: Tea tree
  • Extraction method: extraction
  • Applicable people: General
  • Skin Type: General
  • Efficacy: shrink pores, acne, moisturizing, massage, oil control
  • Use: Massage
  • Net content: 10g/ml
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Compound plant moisturizing oil control shrink pores
  • Healthy to your skin
  • Massage oil to promote blood circulation,
  • Massage the oil for about 20 minutes until completely absorbed.
  • Moisturizing, Long-term use can make your face pores shrink

Lavender essential oil

Multifunctional Lavender Essential Oil / Aromatherapy Body Massage Oil Massage Relaxation Product Details
  • Repair the skin, improve the acne skin, balance water and oil, making skin smooth and tender.
  • Multifunctional use, it can be used as massage oil, face care oil, aromatherapy, etc.
  • Reduce mental stress and physical fatigue, improve sleep quality.
  • Conditioning all kinds of skin, care for skin health, also can repel mosquito and remove odor.
  • Suitable for professional salon use or personal use.
  • Contains lavender ingredients, light lavender fragrance, comfortable to use.
  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Item Type: Lavender Essential Oil
  • Color: As Pictures Show
  • Net Content: 10ml, 30ml(Optional)
  • Ingredients: olive oil, lavender essential oil
  • Application: acne removal, skin tender, massage, bath, aromatherapy

Massage essential oil natural

Natural Massage Essential Oil Relieve Fatigue Improve Sleep 10ml Product Details
  • Item Type: Essential Oil
  • Item Flavour: Lavender, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Lemon (Optional)
  • Volume: 10ml
  • Weight: Approx. 40-42g
  • Function: Help sleep and soothe the skin

Organic hemp Oil Essential Oils for Stress Relieve and Skin Care


Product Details


·     Essential Oil Type: Compound Essential Oil

·     Ingredient: hemp oil

·     Feature: Reduces stress and anxiety


Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil for Acne Treatment, Blackhead Remover and Anti Pimple Scar Spots

Product Details Essential Oil Type: Compound Essential Oil Ingredient: tea tree oil pure Type: Tea tree essential oil for ski Features:
  • The Lavender Rose Tea Tree Essential Oils Compound
  • Plant Hydrating Oil-control Contractive Pore Facial-beauty Oil
  • Body massage oil black seed oil
  • beauty products for women
  • medicated oil green tea extract massage oil,
  • Tea tree oil for acne treatment
  • Pure essential oils for aromatherapy diffuses
  • Pure essential oils for massage